Ivanhoe Eye Clinic has a team of qualified and experienced orthoptists who assist the doctors in the management of your eye condition. Our orthoptists are university trained professionals and are eligible for registration with the Australian Orthoptic Board (www.australianorthopticboard.org.au) At your appointment you will most likely be seen by the orthoptist first. The orthoptist will perform the relevant medical and ocular history, visual acuity and refraction, and necessary diagnostic tests to aid the ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. This may include the instillation of dilating drops to allow the ophthalmologist to perform a full examination of your eyes.

They can answer some of the questions you may have about your condition and will help facilitate you consultation with the eye specialist. Our orthoptists Vivien, Ellen, Renata, Nadine and Roumaissa are all very experienced and also provide clinical supervision for student orthoptists at Ivanhoe Eye Clinic.