Collection of Personal Information:
We collect the personal information of our patients to facilitate the delivery of their medical care. You have the right to know what information is being collected, by whom, for what purpose, and with whom this information will be shared. Due to the sensitive nature of health information, you will be asked, where appropriate, to give your consent for the information to be collected.

Use and Disclosure:
Your personal information will only be used or disclosed for purposes related to your health. There may be occasions where the information is shared with other treating health professionals in order to facilitate the delivery of the highest standard of clinical care.
In circumstances where it is necessary to provide information to other parties, such as your employer if you have a work related injury or illness, you will be asked to provide your consent. Consent is not requires for us to provide basic information to Medicare Australia, your health fund, or for billing and account management.
In other E circumstances, such as in an emergency, or when required by law to provide basic information, your consent is not required.

Data Quality Security and Storage:
All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that personal information held by us is accurate and up-to-date. Care is taken in storage, use and transfer of all personal information. Access to your personal health information is limited to those people who need it, and systems and processes are in place to protect the information. Any information no longer required is destroyed (after a period of 7 years) in accordance with the Privacy Act Section 4.

Openness and Access:
You have the right to seek information from us about the privacy policy of the organisation. Patients may request access to their health information and can update or correct information held by us. A charge may apply to access information. On request, and with your consent, information held by us may be provided to another health provider.
There are some circumstances where access to health information is restricted and in this case, reasons for this will be explained to you.

Please discuss any concerns with us. In the event that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, you are entitiled to lodge a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

We recognise your right to remain anonymous, although for purposes of exchanging health information, this is not usually practical or possible.

Transborder Data Flow:
We will only release information to medical providers outside Victoria or Australia if they have substantially similar rules to the standards called Health Privacy Principles (HPP) which are set under the Victorian Health Act 2001.

Transfer/Closure of the Practice:
As a practice, we will make sure that any patient information/files are handled sensitively and with consent, in the unlikely event that the practice is transferred to another practitioner, or is closed.

The Federal Privacy Act incorporates 10 National Privacy Principles that set out the rules for handling personal information in the private sector. In the interests of providing quality health care, we have a privacy policy that complies with the legislation and recognises the rights of our patients to privacy.

Further Information:
Further in formation is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s Office at:

Level 8, Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Privacy Hotline; 1300 363 992

Health Services Commissioner, Complaints and Information
Tel: 1800 136 066